Attention Americans Looking To Relieve Pain, Get Better Sleep, 
and Relieve Crippling Anxiety:
Why CBD Doesn't Work For Some People
From the desk of: Kriss Berg, Certified Nutritionist, Medical Researcher
If you’ve been paying attention at all in the last 3-4 years you’ve noticed a major revolution happening in the health industry.

While Western Medicine costs keep skyrocketing, and actual results and side effects seem to get worse, there’s been a serious shift in the world of natural health remedies.

And one particular plant is leading the way with incredible results for its users.

This plant and its by-products have slowly been replacing deadly, addictive drugs for patients of all ages.

And these products have been far more effective for treating:
1.  Pain: this miraculous plant has been shown to reduce crippling nerve pain, back pain, joint pain, and many other hard-to-treat pain for millions of patients.

2. Sleep: there's a 'catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic' happening in this country due to our hyper-connected lifestyles and this incredible plant can restore the restful, refreshing sleep you experienced in your younger days. 

3. Anxiety: another seldom-reported symptom of our modern lifestyle is a gnawing anxiety that, before now, has only been treatable with dangerous psychotropic drugs.  All that will change with this miracle plant.

4. Inflammation: recent research has shown that most of our health problems stem from some form of inflammation.  Fortunately, this new discovery has been shown to fight inflammation better than any other single remedy in the last 20 years.
This incredible plant is helping people 
live healthier, happier lives
So what is this miraculous new remedy?

It is CBD, or cannabinoid oil derived from non-psychoactive hemp plants.

Unfortunately there is a mountain of misinformation about this revolution and this plant.

Big Pharma, the Federal Government, unethical doctors and health industry lobbyists are determined to make sure you are confused and afraid of CBD so that you'll just keep taking their addictive and ineffective medications.

I'm going to debunk all the lies and myths they spread and show you actual proof that CBD works.

But only if you follow this simple little trick that many people who have tried CBD don’t know…

So you'll see these notations throughout this presentation like this (1), (2), (3).

Those are REAL studies, using peer-reviewed research, that prove what I am telling you today is true.

But before I get to that, you're probably wondering who the heck I am...
My Name is Kriss Berg, Co-Founder of Prosper Wellness, and Our Mission is To Help Millions of People Drastically Improve Their Health - Naturally
Along with my partner Chaz Shively, we founded Prosper Wellness to help others discover the wonders of natural health remedies.

We are based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  

As you may know Colorado is ground zero for the Cannabis Revolution.  We have all been involved in various aspects of the cannabis business for the last 10 years.  

Kriss and Chaz,
 Co-Founders Of Prosper Wellness
We are witnessing cannabis legalization literally change the lives of thousands of people every day.

It has truly been a blessing for Coloradans, and our mission to spread this incredible blessing around the country, and eventually the world.

But here's something that might shock you...
We Tried CBD For Years -
And It Did Nothing For Us
That's something no other CBD maker will tell you, right?  

That the main ingredient in their product didn't work at first. 

And we know thousands of people that have tried it and say the same thing.  

We thought 'What's the big deal with this stuff?  It doesn't work!'

It turns out we were missing a big piece of a puzzle.

It's a secret virtually no one in this industry talks about, and it's too bad because millions of people are missing out on this incredible remedy because they think it doesn't work.

Kriss struggled with his sleep and chronic back pain for most of his life, and was so frustrated he had largely given up and just thought 'I guess this is just how it will be forever!'

Chaz suffered from 'brain fog' and poor concentration for years, and chalked it up to getting older so he gave up looking for answers.

CBD helped all those things, and changed our lives.

But not until we found out that HOW you take CBD is as important as WHAT you take.

And when we figured that out, we discovered that CBD was the single biggest health breakthrough in our lives.

And it could be for you too.

More on the in a moment, right now I want to give the brief history of CBD and cannabis treatments.  

It turns out this isn't a 'new discovery' because....
This 'Sacred Plant' Has Been Used For At Least 4,755 Years To Relieve Everything from Pain to Bad Moods
The Chinese have been using cannabis plants since at least 2737BC, when Emperor Shen Nung wrote that it relieved his pain and dietary issues.
And anthropologists found cannabis pollen in the tomb of Ramses II, who died in 1213BC.  

In India the plant is considered sacred and has been used in rituals, spiritual ceremonies, and health practices since 1400BC.

This sacred plant is truly the plant of kings, and now you can enjoy its benefits too.
The hemp plant is depicted in this stone carving created circa 680BC in what is now Syria.
But there is one big reason why cannabis and CBD are particularly important, critical really, to our future right now...
Why CBD? Why Now?
I'm sure you've heard there's an opioid epidemic happening in our country.

Doctors, trying to help suffering patients while still keeping their insurance-company overlords happy, have been handing out dangerous drugs like candy at halloween.

And we are just now seeing the horrible side effects of this practice.
Millions of Americans are struggling with addiction to prescription drugs
According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 2,591,000 people in American are addicted to opioids right now.(1)

Accidental drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America.  
52,404 people died in 2016 from drug overdoses, and 20,101 of those were from prescription drug overdoses.

And the number one population that experiences these accidental overdoses?  Middle-aged women.

These dangerous drugs are no longer the realm of 'druggies' and 'losers'.  It is our neighbors, our friends, our family members who are victims.

These innocent victims aren't showing up in an alley late at night to fulfill their needs.  

They are going to the doctor's office. And for many, it's a deadly choice.

So here at Prosper Wellness, we are making it our mission to help people prosper and relieve their health issues without these deadly drugs.

We want to help 1 million people relieve their pain, soothe their anxiety, get better sleep, and fight deadly inflammation.

And we believe that...
CBDs Can Be The Answer To The Opioid Epidemic
AND The Horrible Pain So Many Suffer From...
Fact: in states where marijuana laws have changed, people in those states use fewer opioids.

This is according to a study in the Journal of American Medical Association.(2)

This study showed that where cannabis products are legal, residents use 14% fewer opioids
In those states, patients had greater access to medical marijuana and CBD oils and treatments.  

And those states saw a 14.4 % reduction in opioid use.

Compare that to many other states with antiquated cannabis laws that saw double digit INCREASES in opioid addiction stats over the same period.

So, what is the difference between medical marijuana and CBD?  Is it legal?  Is it safe?

Let's dive in to the 5 myths about CBDs and debunk the media- and government-manufactured misinformation about this miraculous remedy...
Top 5 Myths About CBDs
I don't have to tell you there are forces that want the status quo in our healthcare system to remain forever.

They want to push addictive drugs that keep the river of money flowing into Big Pharma's coffers.

And the media, desperate for clicks and viewers, promotes antiquated myths and outright lies that get shared endlessly.

So let's separate fact from fiction....
Myth #1: CBD is Illegal
Is CBD legal?

As with many things in the cannabis industry, the only real answer is: it depends.

Here's the short version: if CBD has been derived from hemp plants and has less than 0.3% THC, it is absolutely, positively, 100% legal and has been for decades.

Hemp has been used in this country for industrial and health purposes since George Washington grew it on his own farm before our great country was founded.

What is illegal is CBD products that contain more than 0.3% THC because they are derived from marijuana plant.  

THC is what gets you high.

Which brings me to Myth #2...
Myth #2: CBDs Get You 'High'
Any marijuana plant that has over 0.3% THC concentration is technically illegal at a federal level in the United States.  

This is the level below which the government has determined will not impair your mental capabilities and is non-psychoactive.

And the government and numerous scientific studies have determined CBD to be non-psychoactive.

THC causes the 'high' people feel when taking marijuana, so since CBD has extremely low or zero levels of THC, it won't get you high.

But CBD helps calm you down, focus, relieves anxiety and helps you sleep, so isn't that in a way 'psychoactive'?  

Not really no.  

The main difference is that CBD DOES NOT IMPAIR your ability to drive, work or perform everyday tasks.  

In fact for the majority of patients it HELPS you do all those things.

CBD acts on your Cannabinoid receptors that already exist in your body to calm your mind, help you sleep, and soothe your suffering.  

But it will NOT make you feel 'high'.  

And because of these ultra low THC levels, you don't have to worry about that next drug test...
Myth #3: You Can Fail a Drug Test 
After Taking CBDs
The boss calls.  It's your turn to go pee in a cup.  GULP.

If you've bought CBD or hemp products from shady manufacturers or unscrupulous marketers in the past, this could be the time to say goodbye to your paycheck.

But here's the truth.

Drug testers are testing for THC levels in your urine, so as long as you're using CBD that is LEGAL and has been tested by a third party lab to have zero or less than 0.3% THC, and you're taking the recommended dose you should be fine.  

No need to worry.

It's easy to tell if you're taking CBD with high THC levels.

Just have the manufacturer provide you with the testing results from their latest lab tests. 

And if they don't/won't do that?  Goodbye!

To be on the safe side, look for CBD that has NO THC content, and is hemp derived (like ours).

Now we take on one of the most pervasive myths in this industry...
Make sure your CBD has ZERO THC
Myth #4: CBD is Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana and CBD, when taken as supplements, are actually very different.

Medical marijuana actually uses the entire flower of the plant, and often is grown for maximum THC content.  

As we saw in the previous myths, CBD has little or no THC content.  

There is some compelling evidence that THC can be used for all sorts of therapeutic needs.

And maybe someday in the future all Americans can enjoy the benefits of Medical Marijuana.  

But for now, CBD could be the answer to your prayers...
Myth #5: There Are No Credible Studies 
Showing CBDs Work
This is so untrue it's laughable.  

Next time you tell someone you're taking CBD and they laugh at you for being a 'pot-head', you can tell them you are not taking 'pot', you're taking one of the most highly studied plants on earth over the last 10 years.

In fact in 2017 alone there were 245 different studies performed worldwide looking at everything from CBD in pain treatments to using CBD before public speaking.

And the vast majority of these studies show major improvements for the test subjects for a wide variety of ailments, but most noticeably for pain sufferers.

If we pick just one, here's what they found (3):
97% of people in this study were able to reduce 
their opioid intake thanks to CBD
  •   2,897 subjects were studied. Of those that had used opioids for pain in the past, 97% reported that they were able to decrease their opiate intake thanks to CBD.
  •  81% strongly agreed that taking CBD was by itself more effective at treating their pain than taking opioids. 
  •  The participants also reported that CBD        was as effective in providing pain relief as other medications and did not have the “unwanted side effects.”
So If It's Legal, Effective, and Safe 
Why Can't I Buy It In Stores?
You won't find this miraculous remedy in stores
It's a great question.  This is due largely to the mega-banks that control our financial system.

Because the Federal government has issued confusing statements about the legality of all cannabis products, the banks are often afraid to allow transactions involving CBD extracts...  

...Even though these products have no psychoactive properties!

So even though hemp and CBDs are perfectly legal thanks to the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, many banks view this industry is risky because they simply group all cannabis products together. 

These mega banks don't understand the nuances of the industry like you do now, right?

That is expected to change very soon, but for now you won't be able to find these legal remedies in your local pharmacy or health store.

This is also why we have to limit how many customers we sell to.  

The banks put an extremely low limit on how many orders we can take, so if you want to try CBD, today is the day to do that - do not wait.

Now, let's talk about what CBD can do you for you...
Studies Show CBD Is 10x More Powerful Than Morphine and 30x More Powerful Than Aspirin for 
Pain Relief
How often do you find yourself struggling to stand up, get out of bed, or do even mild exercise?
The only thing we can count on getting more of as we get older: pain (and maybe medical bills).

That means millions of Americans are incredibly frustrated because the stuff that works is dangerous and the stuff that is safe doesn't work.

Most prescription pain drugs are dangerous and addictive. 

Even common over-the-counter pain relievers have been shown to cause heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. (4)

And the problem with other natural pain relievers is that they often only address one kind of pain.

Turmeric only addresses joint pain. 

There a dozens of tinctures, oils, and herbs that claim to ease one kind of a pain or another.

This is where CBD really shines.

CBD has been shown to relieve many of the most common and hardest-to-treat types of pain in the world.

Here are some examples:
  •  Back pain: A recent study showed CBD treatments led to a significant decrease in disk degeneration, which is the leading cause of back pain the US (5)
  •  Nerve pain: a comprehensive review showed that CBD treatments improved pain levels significantly for patients suffering from nerve pain (6)
  •  Joint pain, swelling, and inflammation was reduced by as much as 47% in a study published in the European Journal of Pain. (7)  
  •  One study showed that a substance found in cannabis treatments were 30x more effective than aspirin and 10x more effective than morphine in treating causes of pain. (8)
What would you do if you didn't have 
constant pain holding you back?
It's so effective that war veterans are now taking it to relieve their pain.

Navy veteran Vern Wayne took opioids for 17 years. 

"I basically became a walking zombie," Wayne said. "I was at a higher-than-likely rate of committing suicide from pain." But after using CBD oil he says he got the relief he needed.

"I began to feel an occasional sense of joy for the first time in over two years.  My pain was almost entirely gone."
And pain relief is just the tip of iceberg for CBD.  

It can also address one of the worst trends in America...
What If You Could Fall Asleep Effortlessly, 
Never Stir The Entire Night, 
& Simply Wake Up 8 Hours Later 
Completely Refreshed?
There was a time in your life when sleeping was the easiest thing you did. Remember that?

You’d simply crawl into bed exhausted, fall asleep, and wake up 8 hours later. No tossing and turning. 

No staring at the ceiling trying to relax yourself. No 2am wakeups where you try not to look at the clock every 10 minutes.

Those nights when you would wake up in the morning and realize you were probably in the exact same position you were in when you went to sleep.

Boy those were the days.
But as we grow older that simply isn’t the case for most people.

Whether it’s caused by diet, stress, lifestyle, or the aches and pains in our bodies, good sleep has become harder and harder to come by.

Many of us have become so accustomed to poor sleep we don’t remember what good sleep feels like. 
Some sleep scientists are calling it a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic” that is causing a whole host of potentially fatal health problems.

According to these scientists sleep deprivation affects “every aspect of our biology”. (9)

But you knew that, it’s common sense. After food and water, sleep is our most biologically essential activity.

Other natural and man-made solutions simply don’t work that well. 

How many times have you woken up at 3am after using melatonin? It just seems to wear off in the middle of the night.

And other store-bought solutions can become addictive and make you dependent on them to get any sleep.

That’s why CBDs are such a revolutionary supplement for so many people just like you.

Many people report they're sleeping better than they have in decades with CBD. 

AND they wake up with less stiffness and soreness after a good nights rest thanks to CBD's ability to ease your pain and relax your muscles.

Now most of our clients simply take a dose of CBD before bed, fall asleep a few minutes later, have no late-night wake-ups, and awake completely revived 8 hours later.
Maryanne Doane says: 

I had gotten so used to sleeping bad I didn’t know what it was like to just sleep the whole night through. 

After just a couple days using this formula I wake up and realize I never stirred the entire night. 
I wipe away the sleep from my eyes in the morning ready to take on my day. This has been incredible for my energy levels and my mind. 

With good sleep my memory level is way better! This is the most consistent and reliable solution I have ever found.”
Your Hectic Life Can Be A Whole Lot Easier With LESS Anxiety and MORE Focus
With constant threats of war, terrorism, natural disasters and daily crises in our modern life, it's no wonder Americans are suffering from anxiety like never before.

Add in a shaky economy, a massive loss of good-paying jobs to other countries, and many Americans are more anxious and fearful than ever before.
Anxiety levels have skyrocketed in the US
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. (10)

But the fear of addiction to dangerous drugs means that only 37% of people who suffer from anxiety receive treatment.

You've probably felt this in your life. 

Worries about money, career, family, and your health create a base-level of stress that we can never fully let go of.
What if there was a way to stop worrying, stop stressing, and just live a happy, virtually care-free life?

CBD could be the answer.

"I think there's good evidence to suggest that CBD is an effective treatment of anxiety and addiction" and other disorders, says Dr. Esther Blessing, a psychiatrist and researcher at New York University.

Plus CBD can give you that laser focus so that you can get more done, faster.  

In a recent study, researchers asked people to speak in front of a large group of people.  (Public speaking is often #2 on a list of people's greatest fears.)  

According to the study: "Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort."  (11)
Mike Schwartz says :

"My life is very stressful. Before CBD I would find myself running at a really high frequency all day, with fear and doubt dominating my thoughts. And when I got home, when I would try to turn off my brain, I just couldn't.  

"Then I would reach for the booze. My drinking was really affecting my relationship with my wife and kids and my health. I was sleeping poorly night after night.  
Patients are finally getting mental relief from their stressful lives - without alcohol
"So I tried CBD, and I love it. It really just mellows me out. Takes my brain out of panic and stress mode, and it just becomes focused and calm. It's a lot like I feel after a massage, just relaxed, mellow, but also locked in on whatever I'm doing.  

"I just feel a lot more present after a dose of CBD.  Anxiety is way down, and I sleep like a baby.  I really can't imagine life without it."
Soothe Your Body Inside and Out With One Of Nature's Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatories and Anti-Oxidants
If you have even a passing interest in your health I'm sure you've heard about inflammation, oxidation and their effect on your health.  
Medical researchers now believe that inflammation is the leading symptom of, and in many cases the actual cause of, most of the health issues we experience in our life.

The pain, swelling, fatigue, digestion issues, brain fog, and general discomfort you feel is likely caused by inflammation in your body.
Inflammation is to blame for many of the health problems we have
Oxidation occurs when the body processes oxygen and free radicals in the body.  These free radicals can cause cell damage and affect your body's ability to repair itself.

This is why it's so important to add a supplement in your regimen that can reduce oxidation and inflammation in your body.  (And of course reduce the sources of oxidation and inflammation in your life.)

Luckily science is showing time and time again that CBD has a profound effect on inflammation:
  •  One study showed that CBD oil had a positive affect on people suffering from inflammatory bowel issues (12)
  •  Another study showed that CBD greatly reduced the oxidation of cells and reduced cell death (13) 
CBD science is only beginning to unlock the benefits of this incredible oil.

But something many consumers forget is that you can't just take any old CBD or hemp supplement because...
All CBD Oil Is NOT Created Equally!
You may have tried to use CBD oil products before, or maybe you're using one now.

Either way it's critical to know where your product is really coming from.

Yes many suppliers tout it's Made in the USA!, but that doesn't mean the plants are grown in the US.

In fact, like everything else we buy, more and more hemp is being sourced from China, India, and nations with very low quality standards.

This is especially bad with CBD products because the hemp plant has a unique trait in the plant world:

Hemp plants absorb virtually everything in the soil around them.

That means if the soil contains heavy metals, pesticides, or nasty chemicals, your CBD oil is going to have those things too.

It's important to know where your CBD is coming from, 
many sellers have poor sanitation and quality standards
And if a CBD supplier is getting their hemp overseas, there's very very little they can do to ensure their plants are from quality farmers.  

They buy in bulk from exchanges where the original grower is so far removed from the end user there's no way to tell just how good the hemp really is.

Here at Prosper Wellness though, we believe...
You Deserve A True and Honest 
CBD Supplement
We actually know the farmers who grow our hemp products.

Actually, that's not entirely accurate.  

They're like family.  No sorry, that's still not accurate.

They are family.

And not in the folksy 'we're all family here at our little business' way.

They are Chaz's cousins.

See Chaz grew up in a family of farmers in Eastern Colorado.

They grew soybeans, corn, and wheat like most other folks do out there.
One of Chaz's many cousins checking on his crop.
About 4 years ago Chaz's cousin decided he wanted to go a different way.

He knew the healing power of hemp products and CBD, and decided he wanted to grow something that helped people relieve the suffering they felt.

And now he's one of the largest domestic growers of hemp in the country, all from his modest farm outside Wray, Colorado near the Kansas border.
A new crop of naturally-grown hemp reaches out to the coming rains
Chaz's family pride themselves on growing as naturally as possible without lethal pesticides, toxic fertilizers, or harsh chemicals. 

It costs him a little more to grow it that way, and it costs us a little more to buy from him.  

And he uses CO2 extraction technology for the highest quality CBD extract.

It's worth it to us to produce a quality product that you can trust. 

And we put those natural hemp ingredients and powerful CBD oil into our...
Prosper Wellness 25mg CBD Extract
We don't just use Chaz's family hemp plants because he's family, we use it because it is:
  •  GMO Free
  •  Filler Free
  •  Gluten Free
  •  THC Free
  •  Pesticide Free
  •  Hormone Free
And when we get his raw hemp products, we don't add a bunch of crap to it.

That's another miracle of CBD, it does just fine on its own.

There are just 3 ingredients: 
  •  Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) extract - 25mg per serving
  •  Vegetable cellulose in the capsule for easy to digest time release action
  •  Magnesium stearate to make a smooth, easy-to-swallow pill
We work hard every day to give you an honest, true, effective CBD supplement so we can relieve the awful pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep issues you and your family deal with every day.

But in this business full of charlatans and weirdos, that's not enough.  

That's why we perform...
Complete Lab Testing And 
Quality Control On All Our Products
Here's all the tests and certifications we have on your products:
  •  We use an FDA and USDA registered lab for all our products
  •  We are certified in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that ensure we are upholding the highest quality standards
  •  We are also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation that ensures we have a clean, sanitary facility
  •  We also test our products to ensure there is absolutely no mold, yeast, salmonella, E. coli, or bacteria
  •  And, of course, we test our products to ensure there is ZERO THC!

But we don't just back our products up with quality ingredients, sound science, and the best manufacturing practices in the business.

But that's not all we offer...
Our Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
We're so sure you're going to love our CBD products that we offer the best guarantee in the industry.

If at any time, even if you've taken many months worth of our products and all you have is empty bottles left, you're not satisfied in every possible way with your CBD products we will give you your money back.

It doesn't happen very often, but every now and then our clients find that CBD is just not for them.  Everybody, and every body, is different and sometimes people find that CBD doesn't work as well as they'd like.

And here at Prosper we know our #1 asset is our reputation, and word of mouth is the best advertising.

So we work our tails off to make sure you're happy. And if you're not, you get your money back.  

It's that simple.  There is no risk to you.

Now let's talk about one of the most common questions about CBD...
Should You Take CBD Oil (Tincture)
or CBD Extract Pills?
Many of our clients wonder why we don't offer tinctures.  

Well, actually we do.  

But for the majority of our clients, extract pills make the most sense.  

Why? Because we find that people will actually take the CBD pills on a regular schedule better than tinctures. 

Pills just work better with their existing supplement regimen.  

They can simply add our CBD pills to their pill organizers, and therefore they keep up with their daily dose better.

Plus the pills, using our special CBD oil extraction process, tend to last longer than the tinctures.

The tincture will help you feel the effects quicker, but don't last as long.

So the vast majority of our clients prefer extract pills because they feel the effects longer.

But you can't just start taking CBD and expect instant results without...
The Secret To Success With CBDs
I know you're wondering what changed our minds about CBD.

What suddenly flipped the switch and made CBD from 'meh' to 'WOW!!' for us and our clients?

It turns out you can't just start taking a daily dose of CBD and expect to get results.

We all have endocannabinoid receptors throughout our entire bodies that are present from birth to death.

These molecules function much like CBD and cannabis in regulating mood, pain relief, and many other functions.

But as with most functions in our bodies, they break down as we age.

To kickstart these processes in our bodies, and to get the maximum effect of CBD, we must do a load dose.

This means taking 4-5 times the normal dose (or maintenance dose) of CBD for the first few days, and then go to a lower maintenance dose after that.

CBD will build up in the body, jump start the endocannabinoid system that already exists in your body, and you'll start to feel relief faster and for longer periods of time.

That's why we suggest all our clients start with the load dose bottle and then going to a maintenance dose after that is done.
If you took 25mg a day after a load dose it would be far more effective 
than just taking 25mg the entire time
This is how Kriss finally sleeps like a baby and said goodbye forever to his horrific back pain without dangerous and addictive drugs.

And this is how Chaz finally feels focused and stress free every day while getting the most done.

And this is how our clients are finally feeling the miracle of CBDs....

By starting out with a high dosage and then going back to a normal daily dose.

But don't take our word for it...
Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

Marilyn Martin Uses It Everyday...

"I want to tell you how much I like your CBD. 
My pain is so much lower and I can finally exercise again after my surgery.  

Wish I had known about this months ago!  

Don't change a thing!"

Greg Thomason Is A Believer!

"I've only been on it for a month and can't believe how good I feel. 

My mind is more focused, my body feels better.  Sleep has been better than it has in years.

Can't wait to see how it does for the next month.  Thanks Prosper.

Margaret Edelson Hasn't Felt This Good In Years

"I can't believe how much better I feel since I started taking Prosper CBD. 

 My knees, my shoulder and my elbow have stopped hurting since I have been talking the Prosper. 

 I'm 77 and I feel better than I have in years."

(Note: Margaret is holding our old 10mg capsule, we now offer 25mg capsules)
Now You Can Potentially Throw Away A Cabinet Full Of Supplements That Don't Work
My cabinet used to look like a supplement graveyard.  

I had dozens of different 'this is finally going to change everything' supplements that never panned out.

But now with Prosper CBD, all that has changed.

Our clients are able to throw out their joint support supplements, pain supplements, sleep supplements, and anti-inflammatories after they experience just how good they feel with Prosper CBD.

And their pocketbooks are thanking them too....
Now You Can Get Prosper CBD 
For As Little As $0.95 Per Dose
If you've done any research on CBD supplements, the biggest thing you've probably noticed is the price.

Many CBD supplements are expensive!

That's largely due to the tight regulation on the industry, and the fact that many sellers simply know they CAN charge high prices because CBD is so effective.

But here at Prosper CBD if we're going to reach our goal of eventually helping one million people per year relieve their suffering, we know that we've got to make it so that anyone can afford CBD.

So we offer the best rates in the industry, often 40-50% below industry averages.

That's the power of knowing (or being related to) your hemp supplier and using efficient practices to make sure you're not paying for any extra costs in your CBD supplement.

BUT for the time being, because of our current supply constraints and the banking issues that still plague our industry, we can only accept a limited number of clients during a trial period that ends soon.
How Long Will Big Pharma Allow This Revolutionary Formula to Exist Before They Ban It Or Claim It For Themselves and Skyrocket Prices?
The kingpins that run the pharmaceutical industry recognize CBD for what it is: 

A miraculous remedy that could permanently derail the trainloads of money they make from opioids and prescription drug medications.

And they won't sit idly by while family-owned companies like ours try to help people get relief.  

They're actively trying to get it banned for the non-prescription market AND trying to secure patents for it so only they can sell it.

And what will they do when they get non-prescription CBD like ours banned and their patents for prescription only CBD go through?

They'll do what they always do: raise prices beyond what any of us normal folks can afford.

How long before you have to pay 10-20x these prices for your CBD?

We see it over and over again.

Big Pharma takes a life-saving or life-changing drug and jacks up prices by 5000% or more.

And their cronies in Washington just let it happen and fill their own coffers with campaign donations.

You CAN fight back, by getting your CBD from small family-owned companies like ours.

And in turn we'll fight for your right to use CBD without back-breaking prices.  

We support industry groups that are fighting to make this available and affordable to ALL Americans - without greedy Big Pharma's interference.

Our goal is to solve the opioid crisis and help our clients with an affordable and effective solution for their pain and sleep issues.

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Imagine your life with restful, refreshing sleep night after night.  Would your memory be better?  Would you perform better at work?  Would you finally have the energy for sex?

Are you ready to live your ultimate life, free of pain, anxiety, and sleepless nights?

Now's the time to find out.  

At some point you have to STOP doing the same thing and expecting different results.  

It's time to try something new...

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