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Considering joint replacement surgery?

Read This BEFORE You Get Surgery And Spend Months In Rehab...

Harvard Doctor discovers knee candy to rebuild 
knees and joints from the inside out

Read This BEFORE You Get Surgery And Spend Months In Rehab...

Connecticut Doctor discovers knee candy to rebuild knees and joints from the inside out

From Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH Harvard University 1984

Is there nothing but bone left in your joints?

Are your joints in excruciating pain?

Do you hear clicking, grinding or popping when you move your joints?

Is the pain so bad you're considering injections, dangerous drugs, or even a joint replacement?

If so, I beg you to stop and read this entire letter.

I was just like you not that long ago. I was suffering.

The pain was so bad I could barely move.  

The mornings were the worst, getting out of bed was agony.  

It took hours for me to feel like I could move around without limping, grunting, and groaning.

I was starting to use a cane the pain was so bad, and I'm only 65!

I was desperate for a solution - so I scheduled a double knee replacement.

But before I went under the knife, a miracle happened. 

An old friend showed me a simple but delicious recipe that rescued my joints, saved me from surgery, and spared me months of rehab.

Now I'm walking for miles at a time without pain. I can even play tennis and golf again.

What do I owe this miracle to? Well it all started on...

...the day I broke my granddaughter’s heart.

I remember very clearly the day I broke my granddaughter’s heart.

Usually she would run to me, wrap her little arms around my legs, look up with that sweet face and say: “Play with me gampa?”
I would always say “Yes! Let’s play!”

And she would put her precious little hand in mine and pull me down to the floor to play with her stuffies and dolls.

We would laugh and play on the floor for hours.

It was one of the great joys of my life.

But on this day I had to say ‘No, Gampa can’t play today’.

Her reaction cut me like a knife.

She looked up, tears welling in her eyes, and said “Whyyyy?”

I had to admit something that twisted the knife even further: “Gampa’s knees just hurt too bad, I’m sorry sweetie.”

She slowly walked away from me, disappointment all over her face.

It broke my heart.

But I just couldn’t do it anymore.
Kneeling on the floor, getting up and down, chasing her around: it was all too painful.

I thought the pain in my knees would be worse than the pain I would feel letting her down.

Of course I was wrong, breaking her heart was way worse.

I never felt older and more decrepit than I did at that moment.

It felt like the end of a big part of my life.

I would become that boring old grandpa that sat in a chair and patted his grandkids on the head as they ran by.
Eventually they’d just ignore me altogether.

But I just couldn’t stand the pain anymore.

Nothing helped – believe me I tried.

I am a medical doctor after all. Physician heal thyself, right?

NSAID drugs like ibuprofen would give me temporary relief, but I knew firsthand the damage they did.

I had patients that had kidney, heart, and digestive issues from years of taking those terrible little pain pills.

And the prescription drugs were worse!
They’re habit-forming and downright dangerous for your long-term health.

But all that changed when I got an email from a doctor friend in Florida.

He was blown away at the improvements he saw in his patients knees...

He was using a strange mixture that contained two incredible, natural compounds.

One was banned for 83 years before the government finally came to its senses recently.

The other is so old it was gifted to Jesus Christ himself.

But I discovered that combining the two has a powerful effect on your body and especially your knees.

See the medical community has completely missed the boat when it comes to inflammation.

They’ve been treating the symptoms and ignoring the root cause.

And the way they’ve been treating the symptoms has prevented your body from healing the root cause.

Those pills are making your knees worse in the long run.

That’s why your knees are probably ‘bone on bone’.

You’ve been treating the wrong kind of inflammation.

This new breakthrough soothes a certain type of inflammation that Big Pharma has ignored for decades.

It soothes the pain in your knees and joints AND boosts the body’s natural processes to
naturally repair the tissue in weeks.

Most people feel like they’re walking on new knees.

It’s like grease on a door hinge; your knees will bend smoothly and without pain after taking this double action formula.

I’ve been treating patients since 1979 and I have never seen the kind of recovery that this formula provides.

A couple of my patients have described it as miraculous.

  • My knees hurt so bad and were swollen. I have only taken four of these so far but I really do feel a big difference already.”
 — Stephanie D. White, 
  • “Both my wife and I have noticed a mark decrease in joint pain. She has a bone-on-bone knee issue that is very painful and these are working beautifully.”
— Ron Glaeser, Age 65, Troy, Alabama. 
  • “I have little to no cartilage in both knees. I have been getting the orhovisk injections for almost 9 years in my left knee and five years in my right. Taking this product allows me to play golf without pain during and after!"
 — Michael Girardi, Engineer, Age 48, Kansas City, Missouri
Now I’m back on the floor with my little granddaughter, happily having tea parties and hiding in closets while she counts in the other room.
I’m back to working out regularly, and I feel younger and more energetic than I have in a decade.
And I’ve created a special formulation in a fun-to-eat candy for folks just like you that suffer every day.
And I’ll even show you how you can get free bottles just for trying it during our initial trial period.

I know you’ve tried everything under the sun and been disappointed or scared of the consequences of taking it long term.

What works is dangerous and what’s safe doesn’t work, right?

This formula is effective, and I have the x-rays to prove it.

And it’s nonaddictive, legal, and completely safe.

And it’s so delicious you’ll have to stop yourself from eating the whole jar in one sitting.

It’s that good!

So if you’re staring down the barrel of knee replacement surgery, or swallowing handfuls of pills just to get through the day…

I beg you to to read every word on this page.

It’s critical that you understand why you’re in pain – and how this new solution could be a godsend for you.

You can get back to exercising, playing outdoors, and enjoying your kids and grandkids in short order.

First let me tell you why this breakthrough changed my life…

As I mentioned before, I’ve been a medical doctor and trying to help people get healthy for 37 years.

But I don’t run your typical medical practice.

I specialize in combining the technology of modern medicine with the wisdom of natural methods that have been used for centuries.

I do this for two reasons: I want what works now AND what is good for the long-term health of my patients.
Harvard trained Medical Doctor, Gregory Smith

I want to fix the root cause of my patients' problems so that we’re not just masking symptoms with drugs.

It’s the only reason I became a doctor – not to become slave to an insurance company that tells me how long to spend with my patients.

And I’ve found that both western medicine and natural remedies can often work together to get the best results.
Anyone who says natural remedies are quackery or that western medicine is out of touch is sorely misinformed in my humble opinion.

In this day and age, with all the serious diseases and ailments we’re dealing with, we need to use every tool at our disposal.

That means I am open-minded and willing to investigate anything that could help my patients.
And because of this open-mindedness and the results my patients get, I have lengthy waitlist for new patients.

I got my degree from Harvard in 1984 but my real training came from the Army...

Where I served for 9 years and achieved the rank of Major. There I was on the front lines of pain management while practicing medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

I was tasked with helping the men and women who have served our country live happy, pain-free lives.

That led me to open my practice in Florida, where I have been helping people for over 30 years. My main focus is geriatrics and pain management.

Which is why being crippled by knee pain was so darned frustrating.

I was supposed to be helping people with the exact problem I was suffering from… 

But I just couldn’t figure it out.

I tried natural remedies, prescription drugs, even acupuncture.

Most things worked for a little while, but the nasty side effects set in and the benefits would eventually fade away.

Soon I’d be right back where I started.

And it was the same story with my patients.

They’d complain that they couldn’t exercise, do household chores, or even walk the dog without terrible pain in their knees.
And I’d send them off with a variety of concoctions, just hoping something would work.

And they’d be back in a few weeks complaining the pain was back.
I researched and found very few effective and budget-friendly solutions that could help people.

But after telling my granddaughter I couldn’t play with her anymore, I realized I couldn’t just give up that easy.

I decided I had to try the last resort: knee replacement surgery.

I had avoided it for years. I even warned patients against it.

Knee replacement surgery requires 3-4 months of rehabilitation and there’s no guarantee that the knee will ever feel normal.

Many patients just never feel comfortable with the new knee.

Plus there are so many complications that come with surgery: anesthesia, blood clots, infection.
And there’s a shockingly high number of people that require ‘revision surgeries’ to clean up issues with the first surgery.

I personally know three people that had to have knee replacement replacements! The new knee just didn’t hold up.

And of course there’s the cost. You’re looking at spending at least $50,000 and if you need additional surgeries it will be far more.

Count yourself lucky if you have insurance that will cover all that.
But I was desperate, so I reached out to a physician friend in Florida.

He had done hundreds of knee replacements and he knew how to do it right.

I emailed him and explained what I was going through.

His reply changed my life and the life 
of my patients forever.

He told me he was trying a new formula with his patients that was delaying and even in some cases removing the need for knee replacements.

I was stunned. An orthopedist recommending something that might take money right out of his pocket?

But that’s why I consider him a friend.  

Like me he just wanted what was best for his patients.

He also realized that his knee surgeries were nearly bankrupting many of his clients, and he had some guilt about that.  

So he decided to help people who couldn't afford surgery with this formula.  And he found many people who had knee replacements still needed help managing pain.  This formula did that too.

He gave me the formula and told me he had a 3 month wait list for knee surgeries anyway, so why not try this while I waited.

Two ingredients in the right proportion for maximum results.

I thought it would be easy to get them and get started right away.

Once again, I was wrong.

One ingredient was still illegal in most states at the time. 

Our short-sighted government classified it with psychoactive drugs, even though it wasn’t psychoactive.

The other was so obscure I had to go to 4 different natural health stores just to find it.

But I finally got it all together and started taking it.

I started to notice I could get out of bed easier 
after the first day.

By day two walking was much easier.

After a long day on my feet at the clinic, I was used to being in terrible pain all evening.

That pain was fading away. I could go for an evening walk after dinner.

I was able to kneel down and tie my shoe, or pick something up off the floor without pain.

And then came the ultimate test.

My granddaughter came over to visit.

She approached me carefully this time.

I could tell she didn’t want to be disappointed again.
So I gave her a big smile, kneeled down and hugged her tight.

She looked up and said in that sweet voice “Play with me?”

And I said with a big belly laugh “YES!”

My daughter looked at me with shock and said “Are you sure?”

I beamed at her “Yep, now let’s play!”

We played for almost two hours, and my knees felt great afterward.

I even went on a long walk with my family and stood in the kitchen cooking and laughing it up with my family.

My knees felt great.

My wife joked that I must have gotten new knees while she wasn’t looking.

In a way, she was right.

I had found it, the solution to my knee problem.

But being a scientist at heart I just had to know:

how does this stuff work?

I knew the two ingredients were powerful anti-inflammatories.

But I had been prescribing and using anti-inflammatories for years, why did THESE ingredients work better than all those others?
It turns out we’ve been treating inflammation all wrong for decades.

Inflammation is a boogie man in medicine these days – and for good reason.

So much of the disease and age-related decline we experience can be traced back to inflammation.

But inflammation is complicated. It’s not just a switch that turns on and induces pain.

There are several parts of inflammation.

And the drugs and remedies I had been using and prescribing in the past only addressed one part.

See, when you use your knees and joints for years, you experience wear and tear.

The squishy material in your knees, called cartilage, starts breaking down.

This causes inflammation to set in.

Inflammation is supposed to be the
first step to repair an injury!

It’s our bodies natural response to damage.

If you’ve ever twisted your ankle and watched it swell up, that’s inflammation setting in.

It sends extra blood and enzymes to the area to begin to repair tissue.

But inflammation is NOT good at repairing wear and tear in the joints.

When the inflammation fades away, the body then releases more compounds that actually repair the damaged tissue.

But if the initial inflammation never fades away, the body never sends those compounds that  repair the joint.(7)

This is called the bystander effect

Imagine if you saw someone collapse in the grocery store, clutching their heart.

You see another person approach them quickly and take command of the situation and start CPR.

You move on because you see that the first responder knows CPR, not realizing that they need your help to call 911.
That’s what is happening with inflammation – and specifically steady inflammation.

This ‘first responder’ inflammation are the enzymes that attack the damaged area.

The body thinks, “They’ve got it covered for now. We’ll send in the next phase to repair the area when they’re done.”

But the damage continues (you keep using those joints every day) and the inflammation enzymes just keep hammering away at your joints…

…never able to catch up to the damage you’re causing by just living your life.
Inflammation starts to break down the healthy tissue over time by releasing free radicals and increasing oxidation in your knees.

It attacks the cartilage in the knee joint, breaking it down until eventually you’ll be ‘bone on bone’. 

This starts a vicious cycle where the bodies own natural response is destroying tissue.

That’s why we often call every-day inflammation an ‘autoimmune problem’, it means the body is attacking itself.

So, we must calm that first phase of inflammation in order to let the second repair phase actually fix the tissue in your aching knees.

That’s why we’ve been prescribing anti-inflammatories for decades.

But those meds are only attacking part of the inflammation.

See, first phase inflammation is made up mostly of several enzymes.

Over the counter anti-inflammatories are only good at reducing some of these enzymes in the blood...

And therefore only some of the inflammation.

But as we've seen, in order to truly get healthy knees, we need to reduce ALL of the inflammation!

You body will never repair the joint unless all of the inflammation is lowered. 

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the first ingredient in this breakthrough formula does.

This compound has a bizarre story, and it all starts with the birth of Christ...

If you remember the birth of Christ you’ll recall that three wise men visited Jesus after his birth.
You remember what they brought?

It was gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Frankincense was burned in religious ceremonies for centuries.
In fact in English we just shortened the name to ‘incense’ after a while.

But its been used as medicine for centuries too.
In the medical world we call frankincense 'boswellia', because it comes from the boswellia tree.

And now we have scientific proof that boswellia is super effective for knee pain.

See unlike with NSAIDS and other pain drugs, boswellia lowers the levels of all inflammatory  enzymes.

When you lower those levels, the body can finally kick in the second phase, which actually repairs the knee joint.

Dozens of studies prove this, but one in particular stands out.

They did a double blind placebo based trial, which means they gave half the folks sugar pills and half of them boswellia for a couple months.(1)

Then they did a huge battery of tests to see the effects of boswellia on the knee.  
The patients pain and stiffness scores went down 68% 
Their inflammation markers dropped at least 57%
The patients were able to walk 36% farther in the same amount of time
Quality of life scores went up 42%
But most surprising of all were the x-rays.The researchers were shocked to see the drastic improvement in the knees of the testers.

Notice how the spacing is so much farther apart in the ‘afters’ on the right.

Now the only thing could be filling that wider space is cartilage. 
And boswellia gradually removed the bone spurs that caused so much pain for the testers.

The subjects knees got better naturally, as soon as ALL the inflammation was removed.

It did this because the boswellia had soothed the inflammation in the joint and allowed the repair process to finally kick in.

So it soothed the pain, lowered the inflammation, and allowed the body to finally repair the joints.

Pretty cool right?

But we can’t just use any boswellia to get these results. 

We need to use boswellia that is high in one particular part of the plant to reduce those inflammation enzymes.

The part we need is called beta-boswellic acid (BBA), and only certain strains of boswellia have enough of it to help your knees.
So if you’re using cheap, store-bought boswellia, you’re probably not getting enough BBA.

But if we really want new knees in no time, we need to boost that repair process too.

That’s where the second ingredient comes in.

That ingredient is called CBD.

I know you’ve heard about CBD, but you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

Many people think CBD is marijuana.  

CBD is the part of the plant that won't get you high. 

CBD does a lot of different things for the body, but it is NOT psychoactive like 'pot'.

And it turns out our bodies NEED CBD.

See, there’s a whole system in the body that controls inflammation, healing, and pain response.

It’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and it seems like every day we find another benefit to having a healthy ECS.
But it’s primary function to bring the body back into balance and support the healing process.

So when we have injury or inflammation, the ECS system kicks in and helps the body heal.

But as we age our ECS system breaks down just like everything else.

So, just like with vitamins, we must supplement the ECS with cannabinoids like CBD.

But just like with Boswellia, we can’t just use any ‘off the shelf’ CBD.

It’s critical to use high-quality, full-spectrum CBD because it contains at least 13 different cannabinoids, all with very specific roles in soothing pain in the knees.(2)

Full spectrum CBD contains additional cannabinoids like CBG.

CBG has been proven to be a super effective anti-inflammatory like CBD, but it also stimulates cellular growth in the brain and muscle tissue.(3)(6)

So CBG can speed up the knee-rebuilding process.(3)

One study showed that full spectrum CBD was super effective in soothing a common knee ailment.

The study showed that CBD cut inflammation marker levels  by almost 80% in a few hours.(2)
Not surprisingly, the study showed that CBD was super effective at treating knee pain.

Also, CBD can act as a natural muscle relaxer

Much of the pain we feel in our knees and legs is actually from stiff muscles. 

If our knees start to hurt more, we move them less.

This leads to muscle stiffness, which can lead to more pain.

And this stiffness can reduce blood flow to the joint. We need healthy blood flow to for healthy knees.
CBD loosens and relaxes the muscles, reducing muscle pain and improving blood flow to your knee joint.(5)

There’s one more reason I love to use CBD for pain-free, smooth-moving knees…

CBD helps your body repair itself by helping you get deep, restorative sleep!

Remember, our body can really rebuild itself once we reduce inflammation.

But your body does most of its cell regeneration and tissue rebuilding while you sleep.
While you’re snoring away, your body has dozens of processes that repair cells, tissues, and especially your knees.

But it can only do that if you have deep sleep.

CBD can help you get deep sleep.

In one study, CBD helped people improve sleep scores by an average of 67%.(4)

So sleep more = rebuild more!
But there was another problem: taking CBD and boswellia together was not fun.

All the boswellia supplements that were high in BBA I found came in these big horse pills that were hard to swallow..

And the CBD comes in an oil, which doesn’t taste very good and is hard to take on the go.

So I decided to start making the formula myself.

I needed a formula that:

Would be super effective at relieving knee and joint pain
Help rebuild the knee joint for better long-term mobility
Be convenient and delicious so that I enjoyed taking it
See, I’m sick of taking pills.  

Between my various supplements and prescriptions, I take about 24 pills a day.

I knew there was a better way, but it took me months of research and testing to find the right recipe.

I tried 29 different formulas before I found the perfect ratio of ingredients.

And I gave the formula to my patients too, dozens of them in the first month.
They LOVED it. They raved about not only the taste, but the feeling having ‘new knees’.

Now I have ‘lost cause’ patients lining up to see me and try this formula too.

These are people that are on the cusp of surgery and have tried everything to avoid it.

This formula is transforming their lives too, and they are saving tens of thousands of dollars and months of pain and rehab.

And now I am so excited to announce, this formula is ready for wide release on a trial basis:

I’m willing to bet this is the most delicious knee-restoring formula you’ve ever had.

Each gummy combines 20 milligrams of CBD, 200 milligrams of beta-boswellic acid and just 3 grams of organic cane sugar for a delicious gummy that you’ll be excited to take every morning.

1.5 grams is about a quarter of a teaspoon.

No more horse pills getting stuck in your throat or weird oils to drop under your tongue.

Just pop a JointRestore gummy or two into your mouth and chew.

After all you’ve been through, you deserve a treat!

And you deserve to have smooth-bending, pain-free knees too.

I’ve been testing it with some patients in my clinic, and the results have been astounding.

 — Helen T.
 — Danette Purlough
  • At first I thought Ok these are going to be just like all the other CBD products that I have tried,but I've honestly impressed with JointRestore after about a week ive noticed a tremendous difference in my knees. Finally something that works THANKS”
 — Andrew Barrett, Age 58, Scranton Pennsylvania, Sanitation Worker
  • “I had arthroscopic knee surgery 5 weeks ago for my osteoarthritis and decided to try this product and to my surprise I have recovered extremely well and would recommend these gummies to anyone having joint pain!! ( also they taste good too)😊"
 — Kym Wade, Age 53, Davenport, Iowa, School Teacher
  • “The JointRestore gummies have really helped my knee! I have issues with my knee and my feet. The JointRestore has made my knee feel back to normal and my foot pain has definitely decreased. I would give it 5 stars!”
 — Carol Lowe, Age 60, Colorado Springs, Retired Nurse
My patients are able to play their favorite sports again.

They can walk and go on hikes again without pain.

And they can do simple tasks like kneeling to pray or gardening...

Without the crippling pain that has bothered them for years.

And I hear the same thing over and over again: people feel younger when they can move easier.

The knee pain made them feel old and made moving around such a chore that they became sedentary.
Now they’re able to move freely and they are enjoying a renewed energy and sense of freedom.

Many are losing weight because they can exercise again.

All because their knees feel like new!

Now I want to offer it to you, and I’ll show you how can qualify for 3 free bottles. do this on your own would be like looking for the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

You’ll need a lot of time for research, and a lot of money for testing.  

You could try to find CBD that is US Hemp Authority approved. 

The USHA seal is reserved for the highest quality CBD products in the world, and JointRestore Gummies pass the test.

But you’d probably spend days or weeks finding the right stuff.
Plus you'd have to find a CBD supplier like mine - they use a patented system called Terpex to extract their CBD.

You've probably heard about CO2 extraction or solvent extraction for CBD.

My supplier uses whole hemp plant oil to extract CBD from the plant.  

It's a wet process that ensures more terpenes (which are what really make your pain go away) than any other process.

Then you’d have to figure out how to mix it all so that it doesn’t taste bad.

CBD can taste like marijuana if its not mixed right.

And Boswellia tastes like incense in its raw form – yuck!

But our combination tastes so good you’ll have to restrain yourself from eating the whole jar in one sitting.

That’s why I call it my knee candy.

Here’s how you can get JointRestore Gummies.

Believe me, it's not easy creating a high-quality product that is affordable.

The high-quality ingredients are expensive. 

But I knew with people’s mobility and happiness on the line, we couldn’t afford to use cheap ingredients.

Plus working with a lab that is FDA and US Hemp Authority-approved is expensive.

Those governing bodies add a lot of inspections, documentation, and quality control. 

That means its expensive to produce these products.

But its worth it knowing that my customer are getting the best.

So right now I am offering you a chance to get 3 free bottles when they buy 3 bottles at the regular price of $79.97 each.

That covers the cost of the ingredients, bottles, shipping, handling, and provides me a very modest wage for creating the product.  I'm not looking to get rich off this product, but I do need to make something for all the time I've invested in this. Plus I pay my doctor friend who helped me discover the formula.  

Each bottle contains 30 doses, so for as little as $1.33 a day you can restart to completely rebuild your knees and soothe the pain that has kept you on the sideline for years.
Remember knee replacements are at least $50,000, plus months of rehab and there’s a risk you’ll need even more surgery.

And prescription drug costs are skyrocketing as greedy drug companies pump up prices to keep their shareholders happy.

I’m confident this is the most affordable, most effective, most delicious option you’re going to find anywhere.
In fact its so good I expect Big Pharma to try to grab it for themselves any day now.

They’re already trying to patent CBD so that only they can profit from its incredible powers.

Now we’re trying to get this into as many people’s hand as possible before they do that.

Stock is running low!

But we completely underestimated how popular this product would be and we’re constantly running out of stock.

And with COVID still disrupting supply chains around the country, we’re not sure how much longer we’ll have supplies.

So I implore you to test it now and get as much as you can.

I’ll remove any risk from you anyway, because I have the only lifetime guarantee in the business…

Reserve Your Order For JointRestore 'Knee Candy'
Right Now

Get A 30-Day Supply Of These Pain-Soothing, Knee-Restoring Gummies For As Little As $1.33 A Day, Just Click Below To Start Your Order

When I started buying supplements online way back in the late 90’s, I was constantly disappointed in two things:

  • The quality of the product
  • The return policies
It was so hard to get a return authorization. I found a lot of shady companies would simply wait to respond to my refund request for a few days so that they could say ‘Whoops, you had 30 days for a refund, its been 32 days’

I vowed to do things different when I started selling high-quality supplements.
I am so sure my you’re going to love my products, and they will actually do what I say they will do, that I offer the only lifetime satisfaction guarantee you’ll ever see.

If at any time, even 10 years from now, you decide that JointRestore just isn’t for you, just email my customer support gal,, and she’ll refund our money right away.
She’ll even mail a check if you no longer have the credit card you used.

The only way I can afford to do this guarantee is to have really low refund rates.

And my customers love JointRestore Gummies, I almost never have to refund their money.

But if it’s just not your thing, no worries, you can have your money back – ANY TIME.

You may be wondering "If it works so well, why aren't doctors everywhere prescribing it?"

This is an excellent question and one I think about a lot.

First off, most medical doctors have no interest in prescribing natural remedies.  

They've been trained from the get-go that 'natural = voodoo'.  

That's a darn shame if you ask me.  

Nature has been healing us for centuries.  We'd be fools not to accept what it gives us.

Besides, most of the active ingredients in prescription drugs were actually discovered in plants first. 

That's right, the 'chemical' that lowers your blood pressure or cholesterol usually comes from a plant found in an Amazon jungle.

But there is another reason most doctor's don't like natural remedies - and I agree with it. 

They believe that most of these natural remedies come from some weird hippy lady's basement.  

They think it's 'bathtub gin', and in many cases they're right.

That's why I insist that my supplements are all made in an FDA-approved facility.  

They use the latest technology for safety and cleanliness to ensure you're getting the highest quality product on the market.

You can sleep easy knowing my formula is safe, effective, and it has exactly what is on the label - no more, no less.

Look, we used to think that having bad knees was just part of getting older.

We see people using walkers and canes and think that’s just the way things are when you get into your 70’s and 80’s

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Now we know that we’ve been all wrong about painkillers – they’ve slowed the pain down but they’ve also slowed the healing process down too!

Now you can turn the pain off like light switch AND get healthy, pain-free knees with JointRestore Gummies. 

You can rejuvenate your knees and feel the energy boost that comes with being able to move without pain.

Enjoy walking, even running again.

Get on that bike and enjoy the sunshine.

Dust off the tennis racket or the golf clubs.

Play with your kids and grandkids and not worry that you’ll feel the consequences for days afterward.

Most of all, feel the freedom that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

You won’t be confined anymore, you can say YES to those things you’ve always wanted to do.

But you have to start now, by clicking the button below and ordering your JointRestore Gummies right now.

Reserve Your Order For JointRestore 'Knee Candy'
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Get A 30 Day Supply Of These Pain-Soothing, Knee-Restoring Gummies For As Little As $1.33 A Day, Just Click Below To Start Your Order

You’ll be taken to our completely secure checkout page when you can select your package and decide how many free bottles you want.

We could run out at any moment and if we do you’ll have to join a waitlist until we get back in stock.

Take the next step toward new knees, try JointRestore Gummies today and let me know what you think.

When you get your order, tear open a bottle and try a couple gummies. 

You’ll start to feel better in about 15 minutes.

The muscles in your legs will start to relax, the stiffness will fade away.

And after a couple days, I think you’ll start to feel a little extra spring in your step.

In a few weeks, I bet you’ll have that 'new knee' feeling.

But you’ll only feel it THEN if you start by ordering right NOW.

Thanks for taking time to read my letter today,

Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH Harvard University


What do the JointRestore gummies taste like?

There's a slight strawberry flavor along with very minor notes of flowers from the boswellia.  You can't really taste the CBD at all.

How much is it?

Packages vary, but you can get them for as little as $1.33 a day.

What is in it?

The ingredient list is below.  

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