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Highest bioavailability, CO2 extracted CBD
Full-spectrum CBD includes less than 0.3% of THC, plus a healthy dose of CBG, CBC, plus 8 more cannabinoids
Subtle Peppermint Flavor
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Kriss, I’m writing this to you with 
tears of joy in my eyes...
I've been using Prosper CBD oil for 3 weeks and I've noticed an incredible decrease in pain and stiffness and an increased sense of well-being.

I can’t believe it was this easy. I wish this had been around during my bouts with pain in the past, because this got rid of all of them!

- Vicki
Highest Bioavailability
Our extraction process ensures that Prosper CBD has the maximum effect.  Our CO2 extraction and process is engineered so that our CBD stays on and works in your body with up to 85% bioavailability.
Doctor Approved
We have dozens of doctors that use and recommend our CBD to their patients for everything from pain management to sleep and anxiety relief.
Full-Spectrum CBD
Full-spectrum CBD has been shown to be more effective for pain, sleep, and anxiety.  We use organically-grown hemp and include a healthy dose of CBC and CBG so you can enjoy the full effects of CBD.
Here's What CBD Can Do For You
Powerful, Non-Addictive Pain Relief:
Eases back pain: A recent study showed CBD treatments led to a significant improvement in disc degeneration, the leading cause of pain in the back. (1)

Soothes nerve pain: a comprehensive review showed that CBD treatments improved pain levels significantly for patients suffering from nerve pain. (2)

Soothes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness was reduced by as much as 47% in a study published in the European Journal of Pain. (3) 
One study showed that a substance found in cannabis treatments were 30x more effective than aspirin and 10x more powerful than morphine in treating pain. (4)
Finally, Deep Sleep Every Night
How many times have you woken up at 3am after using melatonin? It just seems to wear off in the middle of the night.

And other store-bought solutions can become addictive and make you dependent on them to get any sleep.

That’s why CBD is such a revolutionary supplement for so many people just like you.

Many people report they're sleeping better than they have in decades with CBD. 

AND they wake up with less stiffness and soreness after a good’s nights rest thanks to CBD's ability to ease your pain and relax your muscles.
Relieve Anxiety In Minutes
What if there was a way to stop worrying, stop stressing, and just live a happy, virtually care-free life?

CBD could be the answer.

"I think there's good evidence to suggest that CBD is an effective treatment of anxiety" says Dr. Esther Blessing, a psychiatrist and researcher at New York University.

Our clients report a natural calmness takes over just minutes after taking our CBD.

Plus our CBD can make you more focused and productive since it can stop your mind racing from thought to thought.  

Why Full-Spectrum CBD? Say Hello to CBG and CBC
One study showed that CBD was up to 3x more powerful when taken with CBC, CBG, and other natural cannabinoids.  

This is called the ‘entourage effect’ and dozens of studies show it is now the most effective way to get the most out of a CBD supplement.

That’s why full-spectrum CBD is the go-to supplement for millions of Americans now. They can get all the benefits of CBD, with up to 3x more efficacy, and also enjoy the benefits of CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

CBC and CBG have been shown to be powerful pain relievers, mood enhancers, and brain protectors!
Full-Spectrum CBD Can Boost Your Immune System!
CBD has been shown to have a profound effect on the immune system. It does this primarily by reducing overall inflammation in the body, which can reduce the load on the immune system. 

Inflammation is an immune-system response. This, in turn, gives the immune system a better chance to respond to toxins, bacteria, and viruses.  

Also, a study from the University of Queensland in Australia recently found that CBD can kill bacteria effectively.

"The first thing we looked at is CBD's ability to kill bacteria and viruses," Dr. Mark Blaskovetch says. "In every case, CBD had a very similar potency to that of common treatments."
5 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Prosper CBD
  • Bioavailability: Over 91% of this CBD gets where it needs to go because of a patented technology.  90% of the CBD in other brands don’t even make it past the gut and liver and into the blood!
  • All Natural and Completely Safe: Believe it or not many companies put fillers, preservatives and emulsifiers in their CBD oil.  We just add a tiny bit of peppermint oil to make it more palatable, MCT oil as a carrier and for absorption, and Vitamin E for further absorption.  That's it, that's all thats in your new CBD oil.
  • Tested for Heavy Metals and Impurities: Hemp plants can act like a sponge on the soil around them so we ensure quality by testing our oils for heavy metals, bacteria, VOC's, and 17 other substances.    Also, our hemp supplier is family (see below) so we know exactly where our hemp is coming from!
  •  Completely Free of GMOs, Pesticides, Herbicides, Corn, Soy, Nuts and Gluten!
  • Works Quickly: our extraction technology is designed so that it absorbs quickly, as fast as 2 minutes after you take it!
We Use Only Ingredients Sourced In America!
We know exactly where our hemp comes from.

They are grown by farmers like our cofounder Chaz Shively's cousin, Todd, on his farm in Eastern Colorado.

Todd and his colleagues use only natural farming techniques, with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

We also use an FDA and GMP approved lab for extraction and formulation.

Using CO2 extraction, our CBD has one of the highest bioavailability scores on the market.

Can your hemp and CBD provider say that?

The only ingredients in this formula are pure hemp extract and a light peppermint flavor, both from the good ol' USA.
Plus We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry
Most CBD manufacturers and marketers offer you a measly 30 or 60 day guarantee.

NEWSFLASH - that's often not enough time to really see the full benefits of CBD.

You should get relief almost immediately from Prosper CBD, but it will take weeks to feel the full effects.

That's why we offer the best return and refund policy in the industry. 

If it ANY time you're not satisfied with your product, we'll refund 100% of your investment.

Even if you've used all your product.

How's that for a risk-free proposition?

That's how confident we are you'll LOVE Prosper CBD.
Customer Reviews
Customer: Chelsea M.
Haven't been sick once since taking this!
I work in an urgent care clinic and staying healthy is life or death for me.  I'm exposed to all kinds of crap.  And I used to have a chronic sniffle and stuffy head dealing with all the sick people.  I started taking this about 9 months ago and its all gone away.  I feel great 98% of the time.  With all that's going on these days that is a big deal!!!
Customer: Brenda
Fast pain relief!
 I injured my right several years ago while preparing for a cross country touring on my 15 speed bike. Now terrible pain has set in and I have been receiving hyaluronate shots to ease the pain to lube the joint. The last shot did not ease the pain and I’m not found of cortisone .

Since I was in pharmaceutical research for years I tread lightly. Long story short I up dosed and pain is gone! 

So thanks for your dedication to helping all of us suffering with pain. You made me a believer and I just recommended you to my cousin. Keep doing what your doing
Customer: Shane A
Helped this guy feel younger
I think the CBD oil is helping me maintain my relatively not-so-old appearance and my general energy. Recently, during my morning park run of an hour, I encountered two elderly women whom I often see walking there. When they asked how I was and learned that I’m 84 years old, one of them said,”You don't look a day over 70!" I could have replied, “Well, who wants to look 70?” But I’m grateful for what I have. I eat a very healthful diet. do the run every morning, weather permitting, and weight train three days a week. And the goddess Ceebeedee is protecting me.
Customer: Marc Bell
It took a few doses but now I'm sooo much better
I have a super stressful job managing a shipping center.  We ship 11,000 items a day sometimes and it all falls on me if it goes wrong.  Add in not-so-smart employees and more than once I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and drop dead before my 50th birthday.

I take this everyday now and I just roll with the flow.  I'm much more productive, and those employees like me a lot better now!  It turns out when I yell less they work better.  Who knew!  Happy customer here, recommending to my brother who has similar problems.
Customer: Jesse Smart
Shocked it works this well for stress
I was really skeptical.  I've take Rx drugs, therapy, all  kinds of stuff. I thought I had a handle on my stress but when the holidays hit it all came crashing down on me.  Tried this after a friend recommended it and now I never go anywhere without it.  I'm off to Belize next month, a trip I've wanted to take forever, but the idea of taking 4 flights scared me senseless.  Now I know I can handle whatever those airlines throw my way!
Customer: Hailey M
Best brand highly recommended! !
I've tried several brands this one is my fav. Helped improve my horrible sleep!  Plus when I have an exam coming up i take it and feel like I can handle it.
Customer: Alicia Wells
Simply amazing results for social anxiety
I have had social anxiety for as long as I can remember and I tried everything.  I just avoided parties and get togethers for probably 10 years.  My sister lives in town and we see each other once a year because she's always going to this big events and I couldn't handle it.  I haven’t felt this good or this confident in a very long time and I plan on taking this forever.
Customer: AJ
I'm a new man
I have serious anxiety. That anxiety becomes paranoia and obsession… The last 6 months or so I have felt myself get "worse". Less control of my emotions and reactions. Less control of my anxiety and paranoia. I honestly didn't realize how much anxiety I had until I took this and felt the comparison. I felt more in control of how I reacted to situations. Things that would normally cause me to have anxiety I was able to just push out of my mind. I feel more rational and logical. I actually cried going to bed because I was so happy from the relief I felt. So glad I have found a natural supplement that helps me feel more like myself.
Customer: Maggie J
Fantastic product for pain, anxiousness, lots of other stuff
I must review this product!!  I had heard about CBD but I thought it was just for pain.  When Kriss sent me his story it rang so true I just had to try it.  I've been carrying my little dog Spud on planes with me for years to calm me down, but in some ways it makes me more stressed because I have to worry about his bathroom breaks and he gets a little stressed too.  Now I don't worry about nothin', with or without Spud!  

Plus my achy feels almost new.  I started playing tennis with my friends again and I'm kickin' their butts on the court lol!  Game changer for me, just try it!!!!
Customer: Mark Melesky
helps with those road rage moments
I don't stress much unless I'm in traffic and running late. I keep this in the truck for those times when the traffic is making me angry and there's just nothing I can do about it.  Now I laugh at those other drivers getting so pissed off!  
Customer: Tabby
Sleeping like a rock!
40 year insomniac here.  Haven't slept this well since I had some opioids from a surgery.  honestly thought Id never be a good sleeper.  Amazing how much clearer my mind is now.  I'm a total believer.
Customer: Customer
Daily life is better! Great product!
I have used this product with positive results and have been very happy with how it aids in my overall mood level and chronic insomnia. In addition to making my daily life better; it boosts my energy and reduces the amount of other supplements I take each day.  And my stiff elbow and shoulder are much improved.  Suprised one little mix can do all this, but it does.
Customer: BXB
I was surprised that I felt it so quickly.
Wow, you start feeling it right away.  Helps me wind day after a long day at work and I sleep like a log.
Customer: Liz Rhodes
Peace of mind...
I took after my mother in that I worried about EVERYTHING.  Kids, family, work, money, everything.  I took this for about 3 weeks, and it just hit me one day 'oh yeah, I haven't had a negative thought all day!'  I stopped taking it for a few days and the tight stomach returned.  It's legit.
Customer: Kim F
Best CBD I;ve ever tried
wow wowow wow, just can't rave about it enough.  too bad I didn't have this when my father died, this would have helped.  its been a godsned.  
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Just 8 cents per MG!
20% Off 1000mg CBD Tincture  
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Highest bioavailability, CO2 extracted CBD
Full-spectrum CBD includes less than 0.3% of THC, plus a healthy dose of CBG, CBC, plus 8 more cannabinoids
Subtle Peppermint Flavor
Always FREE Shipping & Handling
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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not designed to treat or diagnose any diseases.

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6 https://www.fundacion-canna.es/en/full-spectrum-cannabis-extracts-vs-cbd-isolate

NOTE: this product contains full-spectrum CBD which contains less than 0.3% THC. While this amount is very low, this amount could be detected in a drug test.